STOP PRESS: After numerous requests we have finally opened our HORSE RACING SELECTIONS to the public. See RACING above.

IN 2008 WE DECIDED TO STOP SELLING OUR ONE-CLICK BETFAIR SOFTWARE TO CONCENTRATE ON OUR OWN TRADING. Briefly, this is what brought us to our decision - we were the first one-click software available for Betfair and we developed a variety of very successful apps over the subsequent years. We were the first with the WOM indicator, first with tick-offset betting, first with graphing, first with automated arbitrage software and first with a full DOM interface. We're flattered to see that most of the current one-click apps have integrated ideas that we were first to bring out. In 2008 we decided to concentrate on our own trading and the research of some new apps. We are now in the final stages of testing our unique software called 'B-Trader' but have decided not to release this to the public as we believe the current horse racing markets in the UK are too fragile. Therefore our next release will be an app called 'BEAT', which collates data in unique ways and allows you to build up your own database. We've used this successfully over the past eight years.

sports betting

Our current trading style is to back the picks thrown up by our algorithms which are based on extensive statistical data analysis and also to take advantage of some of the techniques outlined on our Tutorial page. Profitable sports betting is possible, even in our information overloaded society. We rarely 'trade' our own picks as such as its our belief that we're lucky to find value once in a match let alone twice. We don't use any sophisticated software these days to place the bets and although we're looking at the possibilities of in-play betting in soccer and tennis matches, at the moment this remains an experimental area which we may develop in the future. If you're interested in making sports betting pay in the long run, take a look at our Tutorial page which outlines some interesting techniques which we've used successfully for a number of years. Contrary to a number of believers, it really is possible !